Bad Twins, 2016 Lifetime
Dear Diary I Died 2016, The Cartel, Lifetime

Twisted Pieces (2016- post production)
Trust No One (originally "Corrupt") 2015, Odyssey Media
Christmas Truce 2015, Odyssey Media
Welcome to the Family (TV One) 2015
Broken Promise (originally "Statute Of Limitations" (Formula Features, Daro) 2015
Nightmare Nurse (Lifetime network) 2015, The Cartel
Dispatch (Lifetime Network) 2015, The Cartel
A Date to Die For 2015, Creative Arts Entertainment Group
My Stepdaughter 2014, The Cartel, Odyssey Media

Finding Hope 2014, Two9 Productions
Deadly Pursuit 2014 Odyssey Media, The Cartel
Hit and Run 2014, Odyssey Media, Lifetime.

Dangerous Company 2014, The Cartel, Lifetime  
Viking Quest 2014 UFO Films.
Anatomy of Deception 2014 Odyssey Media, The Cartel 
FireTwister 2014 Odyssey Media, The Cartel 
Merry Exmas 2014 Odyssey Media, The Cartel 
Crimes of the Mind 2014 Odyssey Media. Directed by John Murlowski. Produced by Kirk Shaw and Devi Singh 
Avalanche Sharks 2014 Odyssey Media. Directed by Scott Wheeler. Produced by Kirk Shaw and Devi Sing Prospect 2013 (Short Film) Directed by Ryan Ellis 
Souleater 2013. Directed by Michael Lang.  
Sweet Leaf 2013. Produced by Julian Grant.
The Defiled 2009. Chemical Burn Entertainment. Produced by Julian Grant.
Early Bird Small 2008. Produced by Julian Grant.
Order of One 2006 (Braemar Entertainment) Produced by David Findlay
Flake 2006 (short film) Produced by Julian Grant
Gospel of Deceit 2006 (MOW- Blueprint Entertainment directed by Timothy Bond.)
Night of Terror 2005 (MOW- Marvista Entertainment directed by William Tannen; starring Mitzi Kapture and Nick Mancuso)
The Artists 2005 (feature) directed by Michael Lee-Chin.
Recon 2020 2004 (feature) directed by Christian Viel)
Adam and Eve and Steve 2004 (short film) directed by Ryan Keller
The Red Bike 2003 (short film) directed my Marina DiPancrazio
Samhain 2003 (Warehouse Productions, William Mariani, Peter Emerson, executive producers) starring Richard Grieko, Ginger Lynn Allen, Jenna Jameson
Weekend  2002 opening title. (Disney, starring Eric Roberts)
Life in the Balance 2001(Blackwatch /Saban, Adam Weissman, dir; starring Bo Derek and Bruce Boxleitner)
Adding to the Tree 2001 (short film) written by Pete MacCormack; starring Olivia Williams and Paul Bettany
The Gift 2001 (Windhorse Entertainment, Dominique Luchart, director)
Tunnel 2000(Critical Mass,  Daniel Baldwin, director; starring Daniel Baldwin and Kim Coates)
Nowhere in Sight 2000 (Blackwatch/Saban, Douglas Jackson, dir., starring Andrew McCarthy and Helen Slater)
Artificial Lies 1999(Blackwatch/ Saban, Rodney Gibbons, dir; starring Jack Wagner and Daphne Zuniga)
Dead Silent 1998(Blackwatch /Saban, Roger Cardinal, dir. starring Rob Lowe and Catherine Mary Stewart)
Captive 1998 (Blackwatch/IFM, Roger Cardinal, dir; starring Michael Ironside and Erika Eleniak)
Short For Nothing  1999(Open Door Productions, Sionah Ankrah, dir.) Starring Chris Makepeace and Jonathan Scarfe
The Hunter 1998 (Promo Film- Blackwatch, William Mariani, producer)
Probability Zero 1997(Crusader Films, Jay Krishan, dir.)
Dead Innocent ("Impasse") 1997(Blackwatch Communications, Sara Botsford, dir; starring) Genevieve Bujold and Graham Greene.
Obstruction of Justice  1996 (Blackwatch, Ron Hulme, dir; starring Sara Botsford

I Am What I Play Roger King, 2015
A Day Without Cancer 2014(Documentary. Didier Tovell, producer. Sndwrx Productions)
Mustangs 2011 (documentary) Brian Cotter, Producer
The Nature of Things: Save Our Lake 2010 (documentary) Stornoway Productions. Paul Kemp, Producer.
Afghanistan : A Land in Turmoil 2008(documentary) Stornoway Productions. Paul Kemp, Producer.
Out in the Cold (2008) incidental music. R2r Productions; Anne Pick, producer
No Country For  Young Men 2008 (Documentary. Stornoway Productions) Isabella Favaro, Producer/Director.
The New Money 2007 (Pilot episode- Reality TV. Julian Grant, director. Dwayne Newman, producer)
Follow Your Dreams 2007 (Documentary. R2r Productions; Anne Pick, producer; Werner Walcher, director)
Portrait of War 2007 (Documentary. Stornoway Productions; Paul Kemp, producer.)
Extreme Adventure; Via Ferrata 2006 Pilot Episode. Cheryl Knapp, director. BFS Entertainment.
The Dark Side of Power 2006 (Documentary. Stornoway Productions; Paul Kemp, Producer)
John Turner: In His Own Words 2006 (Documentary. Stornoway Productions; Paul Kemp, producer) Nominated for Genini Award for Best Documentary, 2007.
Student Bodies 1999-2000 (Telescene/ FOX; Michael Klinghoffer, Judy Spencer and  Alan Silverberg,  producers)  11 episodes: Double Date, Victor Moves In, The Teacher, Romeo’s Old Friend, The Gay Friend, The Blow Up, The Junior Prom, The Triangle, Dead Men Don’t Go to Edison, The Reunion, After High School.
Dark Dreamers (Critical Mass/Darkscape Entertainment) Stephen Maynard, producer; hosted by Stanley Wiatter. (Opening and closing theme, bumpers and score; 26 episodes)...fall 2000- spring 2002
The Power Station (Braemar Entertainment, 2002)

Corporate communications: (music and audio services)
TD Canada Trust, Canadian Auto Workers (CAW), Fidelity Investments, Canadian Tire , RBC Royal Bank, Lung Association of Canada, RBC (branding logo music), Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Bell Alliant, Yak, Windsor Salt and music and audio for numerous video and multi-media presentations.