Here are some links to some of the work I have done.

It is not, in any way, an exhaustive list and as I find more links I will post them!


( short film featured at Cannes Film Festival, 2013)

(TV- audio mixing for video )

(TV commercial/advertising: audio mix for video, music composition)

TV Commercial- Windsor Salt
(VO record, audio mix, music composition)


PSA's and Corporate:

LunenburgWaterfront Wi-Fi pilot project from 2012.
(Recording, mixing and production of audio material, 3 languages)

(Public Service Announcement: Hebrew University, on-screen talent. English and French versions, co-producer.

(Commercial/ Public Service Announcement: audio mix, for video Voice Over record, VO read as talent/reader)

 Toonies for Tummies- Public Service announcement
(Public Service Announcement- Gala Presentation: VO record, program audio mix, music composition)

(recording and editing weekly podcast with a variety of guests)